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Diabetes Australia Research Program

Applications for 2018/19 Diabetes Australia Research Program are closed.

Key dates

26 April 2017: Draft version of application to Research Office for compliance review and feedback.
3 May 2017: Final version of application sent to Research Office for submission.
5 May 2017: Diabetes Australia closing date.

Scheme description

Diabetes Australia Research Grants are available to fund medical research that is relevant to diabetes. Two types of grants will be available in 2018:

2018/19 Millennium Awards - one Type 1 Millennium Award will be funded, for research into Type 1 Diabetes
- one Type 2 Millennium Award will be funded, for research into Type 2 Diabetes

One year Diabetes Australia general research grants - grants of up to $60,000 will be awarded for basic, clinical or applied research in diabetes.


  • Only one application per Responsible Investigator per grant type will be accepted. That is, a Responsible Investigator may submit one General Grant, one Type 1 Millennium Award application and one Type 2 Millennium Award application.
  • Applications that include equipment costing over $5,000 or conference travel will be ineligible.
  • Current Millennium Award recipients cannot apply for another Millennium Award in the first year of funding.

Application documentation

See the Diabetes Australia website.

Research Office contacts

Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772
Cherry Yu 8532 1774

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