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Funding calendar

The calendar is designed to give researchers an overview of the funding schemes as they occur throughout the year. It will be updated as application details and deadlines for other funding opportunities are announced.

Click on the grant/award title to go to description and application details.

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2018 Granting Body Research Funding Scheme Internal Closing Date External closing date Further information
EMBO EMBO Long-Term Fellowships (Spring Round) NA 9  February  
  Fresh Science Australia/British Council FameLab Science Communication Prize   16 February  
  Johnson & Johnson Dr Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research   28 February  
  NHMRC Early Career Fellowships 19 February 28 February  
  NHMRC NHMRC-EU Collaborative Research Grants      
  JDRF Australia PhD Top-Up Scholarships 21 February 28 February  
  JDRF/Macquarie Group Foundation Travel Grant Program (Round 1) 21 February 28 February  
FASEB Excellence in Science Award NA 1 March  
The CASS Foundation Travel Grants for Early Career Researchers (Round 1) NA 2 March
  Keio University The Keio Medical Science Prize NA 7 March  
  NHMRC Career Development Fellowships 23 February 7 March  
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Incubator Grants and Proteomic Incubator Grants (Round 1) 2 March 9 March  
  NHMRC Project Grants 23 February 14 March  
  Cancer Council Victoria Grants-in-Aid 8 March 14 March  
  Cancer Australia Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme 8 March 16 March  
  Franklin Women Carer's Travel Scholarship (Round 1) NA 16 March  
  Department of Foreing Affairs and Trade Australia Vietnam Reseacher Exchange Program (EOIs) NA    
  McGill University, Canada Lucian Award for Research in Circulatory Diseases NA 23 March  
  Human Frontier Science Program Online Registration for Letter of Intent:  Research Grants NA 28 March  
  NHMRC NHMRC/A*STAR Joint Call for Research in Novel Molecular Mechanisms of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases in Singapore and Australia      
  Club Melbourne Club Melbourne Fellowship      
  Qiagen Single Cell Research Grant NA    
  Biomedical Research Victoria Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowships      
  Australia / APEC Women in Research Fellowship NA    
L'Oreal Australia New Zealand For Women in Science  Fellowships 2018      
  Victoria State Government Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund      
  National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation Expressions of Interest: 2018 Grant Round (Portfolios 2 & 3 only)      
  Australian Institute of Policy and Science Young Tall Poppy Science Awards 2018      
  Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowships 3 April 11 April Further information
  NHMRC Partnership Projects (2018 Round 1) 4 April 11 April  
  Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Prime Minister's Prizes for Science (Stage 1 Nominations)      
  Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships 12 April 20 April Further information
  Australian Academy of Science Honorific Awards for Scientific Excellence 2018 NA    
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Project Grants      
  University of Melbourne David Syme Research Prize NA 27 April  
  King's College London Australian Bicentennial Scholarships and Fellowships NA    
  Australian Diabetes Society Kellion Australian Diabetes Society Award 2018 NA    
  Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Overseas Fellowships 2018 NA    
  Human Frontier Science Program HFSP Nakasone Award NA    
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia MSRA Postdoctoral Fellowship      
  American Australian Association Australia to USA Fellowships NA    
Heart Foundation Vanguard Grants     Further information
  Diabetes Australia 2018/2019 Grants (inc. Millennium Awards and one-year research grants)      
  Australian Museum Eureka Prizes NA    
  Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation Round 1 Dementia Grants Program      
  Heart Foundation Stroke Prevention Grant (Letter of Intent)     Further information
  AMP Foundation AMP Tomorrow Grants NA    
  Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Travelling Fellowships - 2018 European Society of Cardiology Congress NA    
  Heart Foundation Partnership Engagement Grants: Expressions of Interest     Further information
  NHMRC TRIP (Translating Research Into Practice) Fellowships 16 May 23 May  
  The Royal Society of Victoria Victoria Young Scientist Research Prizes 2018 NA    
  Obesity Society (US) Karen Miller-Kovach Research Grants(Letter of Intent)      
Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Affiliate Clinical Development Awards NA    
  Australian Institute of Policy & Science CSL Young Florey Medal NA    
  Ian Potter Foundation Travel Grants
*Contact Courtney Henry*
  NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships 4 June 13 June  
  Australian Academy of Science Visit to the National Institute of Health  USA by a Junior Scientist 2018 NA    
  Diabetic Complications Consortium Pilot & Feasibility Program      
  Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation Victoria Fellowships      
  Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation Victoria Prize      
  Heart Foundation Health Professional Scholarships and Australian Indigenous Scholarships 14 June 22 June Further information
  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Fellowships      
  Australian Government Department of  Education Endeavour Awards 2018      
Royal Australasian College of Physicians Research Establishment Grants      
  Arthritis Australia 2018 Research Grants      
  GlaxoSmithKline Australia Award for Research Excellence NA    
  NHMRC Targeted Call for Research into Dementia in Indigenous Australians      
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Incubator Grants  (Round 2)   13 July  
  Science/AAAS & SciLifeLab Science & SciLifLab Prize for Young Scientists NA    
  Research Australia 2017 Health & Medical Research Awards NA    
  Bethlehem Griffths Research Foundation Medical Research Grants NA    
  Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association 2018 Hugh Rogers Fellowship (Medical Research)      
  JDRF Australian Type 1 Mentor Clinician Researcher Fellowship      
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships      
  Centennary Institute Medical Innovationh Award 2018 NA    
  CSL Centenary Fellowships Contact Courtney Henry   Contact Courtney Henry
Australian-American Fulbright Commission Fellowships and Scholarships NA    
  The General Sir John Monash Foundation Postgraduate scholarships to study at an overseas university NA    
  VicHealth 2018 VicHealth Awards      
  Victorian Cancer Agency Early Career Seed Grants and Research Fellowships      
  Franklin Women Carer's Travel Scholarship (Round 2) NA    
  NHMRC Partnership Projects (2018 Round 2) 8 August 15 August  
  Human Frontier Science Program Long-Term Overseas Fellowships and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships      
  The CASS Foundation Limited Travel Grants for Early Career Researchers (Round 2) NA    
  Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Travelling Fellowships - 2018 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions      
  National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation Dr John Dixon Hughes OAM Medal for Medical Research Innovation      
  National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia Metcalf Prizes for Stem Cell Research      
The Commonwealth Fund 2018-19 Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice      
  Heart Foundation Collaboration and Exchange Awards     Further information
  Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand 2018 Research Scholarships      
  Harvard Club of Australia Foundation 2018 Australia Harvard Fellowships NA    
  VicHealth Innovation Research Grants (Stage 1 - Expressions of Interest)      
  Heart Kids Australia Grants-in-Aid 2017      
  The CASS Foundation Science and Medicine Grants      
  JDRF/Macquarie Group Research Foundation Travel Grant Program (Round 2) NA    
  The Australian Society for Medical Research ASMR Research Awards      
  Victorian Clinician Researcher Network Early Career Clinician Researcher Award (for conference travel) and Career Recognition Award      
  Cancer Council Victoria Postdoctoral Cancer Research Fellowships (Round 2)      
  Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation PhD Scholarships      
  Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia  Ian Ballard Travel Awards      
VESKI Inspiring Women Fellowships      
  National Academy of Science National Academy of Science Awards 2018 NA    
  Endocrine Society of Australia Research Higher Degree Scholarship      
  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Innovative Grants      
  Australian Academy of Science Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Fellowship      
  Windemere Foundation Doctoral Scholarships in Health      
  Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ASBMB Awards      
Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand 2018 RT Hall Prize      
  Australian Friends of the Hebrew University Golda Meir Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research      
  Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research Summer Scholarship      
  Australian Diabetes Society Skip Martin Early Career Fellowship      
  NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) for funding commencing 2019        
  Heart Foundation Research Medal for Lifetime Contribution to Cardiovascular Research      
Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand 2018 Travelling Fellowships: American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions NA 12 January  
  Society in Science
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Branco Weiss Fellowship

NA 15 January  
  Victoria State Government Premier's Award for Health and Medical Research 15 January 22 January  
  NHMRC Development Grants 24 January 7 February  
  NHMRC Research Fellowships 22 January 31 January  
NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships 23 January 31 January  

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