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NHMRC Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) Fellowships

Applications for funding commencing 2018 are closed.

Important dates and requirements 24 May 2017 Final version of application snapshot generated and PDF available in RGMS for Research Office administrative review and feedback.
29 May 2017 Certification by applicant completed.
31 May 2017 NHMRC closing date.
Eligibility TRIP Fellowships are available to health care professionals (e.g. medical specialists, general practitioners, public health practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, radiologists, other allied health providers), health care personnel (health service managers, hospital department leaders, clinical trial managers) and policy makers to undertake projects focused on making changes at their local health practices, or to implement changes at the policy and/or systems level.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must, at the time of application:

  • hold, as a minimum, a relevant Bachelor's degree or equivalent tertiary qualification
  • for some or all of their non-Fellowship time be employed in a health care or related agency and be engaged in clinical practice, health service management or health research
  • be an early career health professional, and have completed their relevant professional training generally within the last 5 to 15 years

Note that it is not a requirement for applicants to hold a PhD or Masters Degree (or equivalent) nor to undertake one during the Fellowship.

Australian and non-Australian citizens, currently resident in Australia or in any other country are eligible to apply. However, the research must be conducted in Australia and the award must be administered by an Australian administering institution.

Application process Applicants should read the application documentation below prior to commencing their TRIP Fellowship application.
  1. Log in to RGMS and complete all sections of your Profile and CV. New users to RGMS should submit a 'New User Request'.
  2. Commence a new application. Choose 'TRIP Fellowships' from the 'Initiative' drop-down menu.
  3. A complete TRIP Fellowship application must consist of the following:
    • Relevant information from RGMS Profile and CV
    • Completion of Parts A and B of the application
    • Translational Grant Proposal PDF (maximum 6 pages, plus references)
    • Employing Institution Statement of Support
    • Project Mentor Statement of Support
    • Letter of support from co-funding partner organisation (only required if the organisation is not listed as an NHMRC co-funding partner)
  4. When the application is ready for Research Office administrative review and feedback, upload all PDF documents and generate new snapshot reports. Notify the Research Office via email, quoting the application ID number.
Do not certify until you have received feedback and are advised to do so by the Research Office.

Cherry Yu  8532 1774

Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772

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