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NHMRC/A*STAR Joint Call for Research in Molecular Mechanisms of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases in Singapore and Australia

Applications for funding commencing in 2018 are closed.

Key dates

1 March 2017: Minimum data due in RGMS
15 March 2017: Internal deadline for Research Office compliance review and feedback
20 March 2017: Certification by CIA completed. CI/AI consents must be sent to Research Office prior to certification
22 March 2017: NHMRC closing date
18-28 May 2017: Rebuttal period

Scheme description

The objective of this NHMRC/A*STAR joint call is for research into novel molecular mechanisms of obesity and metabolic diseases characterised by high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high cholesterol or unhealthy weight gain/retention related to obesity including, but not limited to, genetics, epigenetics, genomics, neurobiology and microbiomes. This might include research to identify new biomarkers or new intervention targets.

Grants will be awarded for a total duration of three years. Applicants will be required to submit two budgets with their proposal, a Singapore and an Australian budget. Applicants may request in their budget a maximum of $350,000 (AUD) for research conducted in Australia, and a maximum of $350,000 (SGD) for research conducted in Singapore in total over the life of the grant. It is expected that the two budgets will seek a similar level of funding to support the Singapore-based research expenses and the Australian-based research expenses.

This call will not fund research applications in the broad research area of public health, health services or health promotion and/or applications focused primarily on:

  • dietary interventions or research focused on nutritional science
  • cancer
  • cohort studies

Minimum data

The following sections must be completed in RGMS by 5pm 1 March 2017; failure to meeting this deadline will result in the application not proceeding:

  • General (all sections)
  • A-RC Research Classification (all sections)
  • A-RT Research Team - including the lead Singapore CIB name and other team members if known. Team members may be added or deleted after the minimum data deadline until close of applications.

Please note the use of placeholder text is not acceptable as minimum data.


  • Each application must have a CIA (Australian) and CIB (Singaporean). The CIA and CIB are to be the leaders of the Australian and Singaporean research teams, respectively. The combined research teams must not exceed ten researchers
  • Applicants may only be CIA or CIB on one application for this joint call
  • Applicants may hold, or apply for, other NHMRC grants during the period of funding offered under this call
  • Proposals must involve a genuine collaboration involving at least one research team from Singapore and Australia to be eligible. A research team must involve more than the two lead CIs. The research project requires joint input of both the Singapore and Australian teams.
  • For Singapore researchers: Only Singapore-based full-time employed researchers from all public institutions in Singapore, including restructured hospitals, national centres, research institutes, local universities and A*STAR research institutes/consortia are eligible to apply for this collaborative grant.

Application documentation

Research Office contacts

Cherry Yu 8532 1774
Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772

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