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NHMRC Partnership Centres

NHMRC has announced a Call for an Investigator Team for the second Partnership Centre: Systems Perspectives on Preventing Lifestyle-Related Chronic Health Problems.

Important dates and requirements 6 March 2012 Information session for potential applicants
4 April 2012 Final version of application to Research Office for administrative review and feedback.
11 April 2012 NHMRC closing date
Application documentation

NHMRC Partnership Centre Funding Rules 2011-12

Call for an Investigator Team

Investigator Team application form

Chief Investigator consent form (Word)

Eligibility NHMRC Partnership Centres support research-informed changes in health and health care systems and addresses significant themes with enduring capabilities using a multi-disciplinary approach and focused program of work.

In order to be eligible to make an application to be the investigator team, the applicant team must select a CIA who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The Partnership Centre submission requires that the CIA must be based in Australia for the duration of the Partnership Centre funding.

An investigator team should comprise a number of functional sub-teams with health system membership from: more than one institution, more than one State or Territory, more than one discipline and more than one university sector.

Application process Applicants should read the application documentation above prior to commencing their Partnership Centre Investigator Team application.
  1. Complete the Investigator Team application form above.
  2. Send the application to the Research Office when it is ready for Research Office administrative review, feedback and submission.

All Investigator Team applications must be submitted to NHMRC by the Research Office.


Cherry Yu  8532 1774

Rebecca Erlich  8532 1772

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