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Postgraduate Scholarships

Applications for funding commencing 2018 are closed.

Important dates and requirements 29 May 2017 Final version of application snapshot generated and PDF available in RGMS for Research Office administrative review and feedback.
5 June 2017 Deadline for referee reports to be submitted and certification by applicant completed.
7 June 2017 NHMRC closing date.
Application documentation General Funding Rules

Postgraduate Scholarship scheme-specific Funding Rules (for funding commencing 2018)

General Advice and Instructions to Applicants

Postgraduate Scholarship scheme-specific Advice and Instructions to Applicants

Grant Proposal template

Referee Report templates
Eligibility Postgraduate Scholarships are open to applicants who wish to attain a research-based postgraduate degree, which may be a PhD, a PhD equivalent degree or a Masters degree. Applicants are ineligible to apply if:
  • they are a current holder of an Australian Government Scholarship such as an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA);
  • they are in the final year of an honours degreee;
  • The applicant has completed more than 24 months of their PhD candidature as at 1 January in the first year of funding (or 12 months of their Masters candidature if applying for a Masters Postgraduate Scholarship from 1 January in the first year of funding).
  • the degree proposed is not a PhD, or Research Masters degree;
  • the proposed degree is not a research degree;
  • The award for which the applicant is applying is less than 12 months in duration (full-time) from 1 January in the first year of funding; or
  • they have previously held and been funded by an NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship.
Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded in the following categories:
  • Medical/Dental - for medical or dental graduates currently registered to practice within Australia. Part time scholarships are available to Clinical Research Postgraduate Scholarship holders who are undertaking dual training - postgraduate medical/dental and a PhD.
  • Public Health and Health Services Research - applicants must have already completed a health-related degree or a degree in an area applicable to public health research at the time of submission.
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Research - successful applicants must enrol for a postgraduate degree (such as PhD or Research Masters) to pursue research relevant to indigenous health.
  • Dora Lush Biomedical - applicants must demonstrate that they achieved their most recent academic qualifications at least 5 years before 1 January 2017 and that during that 5 year period, their pathway to biomedical PhD studies has been interrupted or delayed.

Co-funded Postgraduate Scholarships
Applicants who wish to be considered for co-funding with a partner organisation should indicate this by selecting the appropriate option in Part B of the Postgraduate Scholarship application.

Application process Applicants should read the application documentation below prior to commencing their Postgraduate Scholarship application.
  1. Log in to RGMS and complete all sections of your Profile and CV. New users to RGMS should submit a 'New User Request'.
  2. Commence a new application. Choose 'Scholarships' from the 'Initiative' drop-down menu.
  3. A complete Postgraduate Scholarship application must consist of the following:
    • Relevant information from RGMS Profile and CV
    • Completion of Parts A and B of the application
    • Grant Proposal PDF (maximum 5 pages including references)
    • Academic Transcript PDF
    • Evidence of Australian registration in dental or medical field (if applicable)
    • Letter of evidence to support part-time candidature (if applicable)
    • Supervisor's referee report uploaded to the application
  4. When the application is ready for Research Office administrative review and feedback, upload all PDF documents and generate new snapshot reports. Notify the Research Office via email, quoting the application ID number.
Do not certify until you have received feedback and are advised to do so by the Research Office.
Referee reports Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the supervisor's referee report is uploaded to their RGMS application, or submitted directly to NHMRC, by 7 June 2017.

This referee report needs to be completed by the person who will be the applicant's primary supervisor. They will need to complete the report and provide a two page CV.

Referees with RGMS profiles should obtain the appropriate forms from the RGMS Library and upload their completed reports directly into RGMS.

Referees without RGMS profiles should obtain the appropriate forms from the NHMRC website and submit their completed reports to


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Rebecca Erlich  8532 1772

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