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Practitioner Fellowships

Applications for funding commencing 2018 are closed.

Key dates

23 January 2017: Final draft of application sent to Research Office for compliance review and feedback
30 January 2017: Certification by CIA completed *do not certify the application until you have received feedback and have been advised to so by the Research Office*
1 February 2017: NHMRC closing date
15 March 2017: Deadline for submission of special circumstances for interviews
April 2017: Initial review outcomes available in RGMS
15 May 2017: Interviews commence

Key changes to the 2017 Practitioner Fellowships Funding Rules

  • All interviews will be conducted via videoconferencing;
  • Applicants can inform NHMRC of any special considerations for their interview via a webform, which must be submitted by 15 March 2017;

Scheme description

The Practitioner Fellowships scheme aims to build Australia's research capacity in translational research. The scheme provides 5-year salary support awards at 0.4 to 0.7 FTE to assist active clinicians and public health or health services professionals to undertake research that is linked to their practice or policy development. The scheme is not intended to support academic researchers who may have clinical/public health responsibilities. There are two levels of Practitioner Fellowships:

Level 1 ($137,473 pro rata p.a.)
Level 2 ($164,911 pro rata p.a.)


  • Applicants, for the majority of their non-fellowship employment time (whether full time or part time), must be employed by a health care authority to provide clinical care, or to provide public health services, or be employed in a policy development role in the health sector;
  • Applicant must provide confirmation that they hold or have been offered a funded position in clincial, public health or equivalent practice, or that they are self-employed in private practice, and confirm the employer will release the applicant to conduct the research associated with the Practitioner Fellowship;
  • Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. The proposed research must be undertaken in Australia and demonstrated to be to linked to the applicants' practice or policy activity;
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the research associated with their Practitioner Fellowship may help translate research outcomes into revised practice or policy.

Types of applications:

  • Initial applications to the scheme can only be submitted by applicants who have never previously held an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship.
  • Reapplications must be submitted by applicants who currently hold or have previously held an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship and cannot be made at a level lower than the applicants' most recenlty held Practitioner Fellowship. Reapplications are assessed only at the level at which they apply.
  • Reapplications with Promotion should be submitted by applicants who hold a current Practitioner Fellowship Level 1 and are seeking promotion to Level 2.
  • Promotions Out of Synchrony can be made by a current Fellow in years two or three of their current five year Practitioner Fellowship.

Application documentation

Research Office contacts

Cherry Yu 8532 1774
Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772

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