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NHMRC Program Grants

Applications for funding commencing 2019 are closed.

Key dates

3 May 2017: Minimum data due in RGMS
10 May 2017: Internal deadline for Research Office compliance review and feedback - please run snapshots and notify the Research Office when your application is ready for compliance review
15 May 2017: Certification by CIA completed. CI/AI consents must be sent to Research Office prior to certification
17 May 2017:
NHMRC closing date
30 June 2017: Deadline to provide NHMRC with interview time preference and to request attendance at interview via videoconference
August 2017: Applicants advised of shortlising outcome - shortlisted applicants invited to interview
28 August 2017: Applicants to submit Research Achievements Update
4-5 September 2017: Shortlisted applicant team interviews

Scheme description

  • 5 year grants to provide support for teams of high calibre researchers to pursue broad based, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research activities that will contribute new knowledge at a leading international level in important areas of health and medical research.
  • Facilitate collaborative use of specialised facilities or expertise, and pursue interdisciplinary, collaborative goals which would not be possible by working on the program's individual components in isolation of each other.
  • Tackle problems for which longer-term stable funding is essential.

Minimum data

The following sections must be completed in RGMS by 5pm 3 May 2017; failure to meet this deadline will result in the application not proceeding:

  • A-PA Home (specifically the Administering Institution, Application Title, Synopsis and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research)
  • A-RC: Research Classification (all sections)
  • A-RT Research team and commitment (core team members, noting that team members may be added or deleted until the close of applications).


Each CI attracts a quanta of funding based on track record, which can be used to support a range of senior and junior postdoctoral researchers, research and technical assistants, higher degree candidates, as well as direct costs of research. Budgets allow flexibility to redirect funds to new initiatives, consistent with the Program scope. CI salaries are not supported.

CI Team
CIs are expected to:

  • hold a PhD or equivalent professional qualification
  • be at either academic salary Level C or above, or if otherwise employed, be at an equivalent level or above
  • have a strong record of achievement in competitive peer-reviewed research or industry-supported research
  • in the context of their other commitments, commit sufficient time to ensure the success of the program.


  • The applicant team must include a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 Chief Investigators (CIs).
  • At the time of acceptance and for the duration of a grant, all CIs must be Australian or New Zealand citizens, permanent residents of Australia or have appropriate work visas in place. All CIs must also be in Australia for at least 80 percent (%) of the funding period.
  • Program Grant CIs cannot hold another Program Grant as CI.

Program Grant and Project Grant eligibility

  • A CI on an existing Program Grant is not permitted to hold, or apply for more than one Project Grant.

Application documentation

Research Office contacts

Cherry Yu 8532 1774
Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772 

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