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Project Grants

Applications for funding commencing 2018 are closed.

Key dates

25 January 2017: New Investigator forms due in RGMS
15 February 2017: Minimum data due in RGMS
24 February 2017: Final draft of application sent to Research Office for compliance review and feedback
10 March 2017: Collated CI/AI consent emails or signed consent forms sent to Research Office. Certification by CIA completed. *do not certify the application until you have received feedback and have been advised to so by the Research Office*
15 March 2017:
NHMRC closing date
June/July 2017: Assessor reports released/rebuttals due

Scheme description

The Projects Grants scheme supports individual researchers or teams of up to ten chief investigators to undertake health and medical research within Australia for one to five years.

Key changes to 2017 Project Grant Funding Rules

  • Applicants must nominate a specific Grant Review Panel to assess their application as part of the minimum data requirements;
  • It is the responsibility of all CIs to ensure that they meet all eligiblity criteria at the time of submission and for the duration of the peer review period to apply in the Project Grants round;
  • Additional clarification regarding New Investigator eligibility: if applicants have received funding support that includes research and salary support, the research support component must not total AUD$250,000 or more.

Minimum data

The following sections must be completed in RGMS by 5pm 15 February 2017; failure to meeting this deadline will result in the application not proceeding:

  • General - Application Information: Administering Institution, Application Title, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research (yes/no) and Synopsis
  • A-RC: Research Classification (all sections)
  • B-GRPN: Grant Review Panel Nomination


All CIs on a New Investigator (NI) application for funding must at the time of the NI application submission date:

  • be less than 10 years from the date of the letter advising them that their doctoral thesis was passed, unless career disruptions exist;
  • not have been named a CI (or equivalent) on a funded NHMRC research support grant and/or an ARC research support grant
  • not have been named CI (or equivalent) on a funded research support grant from an agency listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register or an equivalent national or international competitive funding grant totalling AUD$250,000 or more. Note the $250,000 limit is not cumulative;
  • Applicants may still have held a salary-only award (Scholarship or Fellowship) from any funding source. If applicants have received funding support that includes research and salary support, the research support component must not total AUD$250,000 or more;
  • Applicants who wish to apply as a NI must seek confirmation of their eligibility to apply in this category by submitting a NI form in RGMS by 25 January 2017. Instructions can be found here.

Multiple project grant eligibility:

  • Individuals are limited to holding a maximum of 6 Project Grants as Chief Investigator. The maximum number of applications a Chief Investigator may submit in any year will be 6, less the number of NHMRC Project Grants that are scheduled to continue in 2018;
  • Program Grant CIs are not permited to hold, or apply for, more than one Project Grant;
  • There can only be one Program Grant holder named as CI on any Project Grant application;
  • Program Grant CIs cannot be the sole CI named on any existing Project Grant application;
  • Attachment D from the Funding Rules summarises the NHMRC Project/Program Grant eligibility rules.

Partnership funding organisations

The following organisations are also inviting applications for funding through the NHMRC Project Grant scheme:

Applicants applying in the Cancer Australia Young Investigator category must complete and submit the NHMRC NI form by 25 January 2017. Additional guidance can be found here.

In addition to the Project Grant application, supplementary questions specific to the partnership organisation must be submitted to the Research Office by 24 February 2017.

Application documentation

Budget information

Research Office contacts

Cherry Yu 8532 1774
Rebecca Erlich 8532 1772

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