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Submitting items to the repository

Baker has established an online digital repository (Baker Research Online) where certain literary works of a research nature can be deposited so that they can be available free of charge to the public. At the discretion of Baker, the repository shall be available into the foreseeable future. Baker will not charge any fee for hosting work in the repository.

Conditions for depositing publications in the repository

To make a research publication publicly available in the repository, one of the following conditions must apply:

Depositing publications

Read and accept the Repository Deposit Agreement (Word). This is an agreement that asks for the right to store your work and make it publicly available.

A journal article's details should be submitted to the Repository Manager by email as soon as possible after the publication date. For NHMRC sponsored research articles, this requirement is independent of the CIA's authorship role (first, middle, last) on the publication.

The Repository Manager will:

Submitting a thesis

Baker Research Online cannot currently accept submission of theses. Further advice will be provided.

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